Bondi Health House

Immerse yourself in our North Bondi holistic health studio and take a journey through your mind, body and soul.

What We Do

Our Approach

We incorporate all facets of deep health by delving into the mind, body and spirit of each client.

This allows us to uncover the deep rooted source of an individual’s problems and struggles.

From there, we provide optimal strategies in order for each client to lead a balanced and rewarding lifestyle.

Our work is conducted in a supportive and welcoming environment which allows each client to feel comfortable and safe.

Our House

We conduct all of our programs from our house in North Bondi.

Our bohemian living room plays host to the mental, spiritual and
communal elements, while our gym and outdoor area serves as the base for our physical element.

We welcome you to visit us and share the essence of our house.

3 Military Road, North Bondi NSW 2026, Australia

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Emu Ceremony

Mandala Workshop

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic health focuses on the condition of a person’s life, rather than an illness or specific part of their body. Focus is given to the person as a whole: their mind, body, spirit and soul.

The primary goal of holistic health is for each person to achieve optimal balance in their life.

Yes. Holistic health benefits all types of people. You can really get to the core of why you’re feeling what you’re feeling and begin to make changes in your life. If you haven’t addressed your health from a holistic perspective, you are missing out on the benefits enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

No. Holistic health is focused on obtaining balance in your life. This means we will not insist on making unnecessary, radical changes which disturb the rhythm of your life in general.

This varies depending on the person and the relevant treatment. However, consistency and dedication play a big role in how your holistic health improves over time.

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